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Everything a record claning machine need to have
The Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic is a high-quality record washing machine that is manufactured in Germany. It is reliable and used by vinyl listeners around the world. The Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic has all the functions necessary for optimal record washing.
The heart of the Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic is the extraction technology of its big brother, the "Nessie Vinylmaster". The same elements are used and no compromises are made. The pressure on the surface during the suction is never too high. This is a common problem with "powerful" machines from the Far East.
The housing is made of 8 mm deep black acrylic and the platter is made of satined acrylic. Chrome-plated design and functional elements make the machine a real eye-catcher.
The elegant puck made of chromeplated aluminum is also unique in this class. It has a rubber lip seal on the underside that protects the label from getting wet during washing. It seals without screws or clamps just by its own weight.
With the Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic, the cleaning fluid (Nessie Vinylin) is applied manually and the record is washed with a Nessie premium brush. The in-house cleaning agent "Vinylin" is supplied in a practical 200 ml spray bottle, which enables easy dosing of the cleaning solution. The automatic change of direction of rotation supports the high cleaning effect.
Dynamic washing through automatic change of direction of rotation
The direction of rotation of the turntable changes automatically every 2 revolutions. This creates a dynamic washing operation without the user having to operate switches.
The Nessie suction - quiet and residue-free
When the drying arm is swiveled onto the plate, suction starts automatically and all dissolved impurities are drawn deep out of the groove. The suction power adapts automatically. The suction ends automatically after 1 revolution change. The "residual strips" that are common with many vacuum cleaners do not exist with the Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic.
High quality
The device is manufactured in a qualified factory in Seevetal near Hamburg. The case is made of deep black carbon acrylic. The high-quality look is underlined by elegant chrome and stainless steel elements.
Protection against electrostatics
The Nessie Vinylcleaner Basic is protected against electrostatic charges in several ways, e.g. by earthing the record mandrel, the metal supports on the side and an antistatic turntable pad. The “Vinylin” cleaning fluid is also antistatic.
Wash timer with LED display
The devices have an LED illuminated button that uses a timer to indicate the recommended minimum washing time. So you always use the correct washing time even with several plates.
Basotect sound insulation
The devices are fully soundproofed from Basotect, a high-quality soundproofing material from Bayer. This insulates the noise of the turbine to values below 60 dB.
Premium brush
The Nessie premium brush item 86200 is supplied free of charge as an accessory. The brush is made of the finest, abrasion-free fibers in industrial quality. It is manufactured industrially in a traditional company in the Black Forest. 
real vinylcare starts with this machine
Technical Data
CE prooved and certificated Yes
dimensions 321 x 295 x 230 mm
weight 8 kg
power supply 230 V /50 Hz others available
power vacuum 250 W adjusted
agent tank 450 ml
waste water tank 650 ml
Scope of delivery
Nessie Vinylin cleanining fluid 200 ml in spraybottle
power cord yes suitable for your country
owners manual English language
funnel Yes
microfibre cloth with Logo Yes with Logo
squirt bottle Yes
Nessie Premiumbürste Yes
chromed record weight with seal Yes
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