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Welcome to the onlineshop of VinylCare Technologies! We are a leading German manufacturer for record cleaning machines. Our brands are: NESSIE, HANNL and KLEENY.
Here you find the best record washing machines for gentle and intensive record cleaning. We offer you excellent products for the perfect treatment of your vinyl records. Look for our fantastic record cleaning machines all made in Germany! Choose from the best acessories for record cleaning like record cleaning fluids, record brushes,  record sleeves. No matter what machines you own: Our acessories fit for many brands: Hannl, VPI, Clearaudio, Okki Nokki, Watson, Pro Ject RCM. 
We prefer to sell through specialized dealers and recommend that you get comprehensive advice from your dealer regarding the purchase of a record washing machine. A list of our retailers can be found in the menu "distributors and dealers". If there is no suitable dealer in your area or you prefer a direct order from the manufacturer for other reasons, you can order here. We are available by phone or email for your questions.

March 2020
Enjoy the Music.com Review Magazine

Nessie Vinylcleaner Pro LP Washer / Cleaner
Far more fun than washing the dishes!
An elegant and effective record cleaning machine too!

Review By Rick Becker