our warranty policy

We provide a warranty for our units subject to the following conditions:

  1. We will repair defects on the unit that can be proven to be the result of a material and/or manufacturing error free of charge subject to the following conditions (No. 2-6), providing we are notified about these defects as soon as they come to light and within 24 months of delivery to the initial purchaser at the latest. If the defect comes to light within 6 months of delivery, it will be assumed that this due to a material or manufacturing fault.
  2. The manufacturer is not obliged to meet its warranty obligations in the event of minor deviations from the required quality that are inconsequential for the value and serviceability of the unit, or in the event of damage due to the chemical and electrochemical effects of fluids and also in general due to abnormal ambient conditions or inappropriate operating conditions, or if the unit has come into contact with unsuitable substances. Likewise, the warranty does not cover defects on the unit that are attributable to transit damage that is not our fault, incorrect assembly, misuse, use of the domestic appliance for commercial purposes, inadequate care or non-observance of the operating instructions.
  3. The warranty is provided on the understanding that defective parts will be repaired free of charge by a method of our choosing or replaced by parts that are in perfect condition. Defective units must be packaged in their original packaging and taken to the nearest authorised dealer, or sent to us directly. If you no longer have the original packaging, you will need to purchase packaging from us. If you intend to make a warranty or goodwill claim, include a copy of the sales receipt showing the purchase and delivery date and a short description of the problem with the shipment.
  4. If reworking by us is rejected or ultimately fails, a replacement of equivalent value will be delivered on the request of the end customer within the 24-month warranty period referred to above. Replaced parts remain our property.
  5. In the event of services being provided under the terms of the warranty, this does not effect an extension of the warranty period nor does it mean that a new warranty period comes into existence. The warranty period for replaced spare parts expires at the same time as the warranty period for the overall unit.
  6. Additional or other claims, especially those for compensation for damage/losses outside the unit - unless mandatory liability has been legally imposed - are excluded.

The warranty conditions apply for units purchased in Germany. If units are taken abroad, these conditions apply in countries in which we have an agency/representative. Otherwise the warranty conditions of our relevant regional agency apply.

  1. Service offerings

Once the warranty period expires, a wide range of services is available to you as a customer. This includes:

Inspection: we recommend you have an inspection carried out by the manufacturer every 3-5 years to maintain the value, functionality and safety of your unit. We offer this service for a fixed price fee.

Upgrade service: our units are continuously under development. With our Upgrade service you can upgrade your unit to the latest version. This not only improves functionality it also helps preserve the value of your unit.

Repair service: repairs are carried out professionally and promptly at our workshop. You will be issued a service report with every repair.

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