our warranty policy

Guarantee and warranty
We provide a guarantee for our appliances in accordance with the following conditions:
1. in accordance with the following conditions (No. 2-7), we will remedy defects in an appliance that are demonstrably due to a material and/or manufacturing defect free of charge if they are reported to us immediately after discovery and within 24 months of delivery to the first end user. If the end user registers the machine at www.myNessie.com, the warranty is extended by 6 months to 30 months. The warranty is excluded if the product was manufactured more than 4 years ago.
2. if a defect becomes apparent within 12 months of delivery, it is assumed that it is a material or manufacturing defect that already existed when the appliance was delivered. In this case, we will carry out repairs free of charge for the end user. In this case, the end user must return the product in its original packaging to us or his dealer. After inspecting the product, we will either replace it or repair it, at our discretion. After expiry of the first 12 months of the warranty period, we will repair any defects that have occurred free of charge if the cause of the defect already existed at the time of delivery and did not arise during use, e.g. due to incorrect operation. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the end user.
3. a warranty obligation shall not be triggered by minor deviations from the target condition which are insignificant for the value and usability of the appliance (e.g. minor surface defects, operating noises, etc.) or by damage resulting from the effects of liquids, as well as generally from abnormal environmental conditions or extraneous operating conditions. Likewise, no guarantee can be given if the defects in the appliance are due to transport damage for which we are not responsible, misuse, commercial use of the household appliance, lack of care or non-compliance with the operating instructions.
4. the warranty service is provided in such a way that defective parts are repaired free of charge or replaced with faultless parts at our discretion. If the original packaging is no longer available, a shipping package must be requested from us for a fee. If a warranty or goodwill claim is to be made, a copy of the proof of purchase with the date of purchase and delivery as well as a brief description of the defect must be enclosed with the shipment.
5 Warranty services do not extend the warranty period, nor do they start a new warranty period. The warranty period for replaced spare parts ends with the warranty period for the entire device.
6. further or other claims, in particular those for compensation for damage occurring outside the device, are excluded unless liability is mandatory by law.
7 Devices that have been modified or whose housing has been opened are excluded from the warranty. Devices that have not been used for their intended purpose are also excluded.
The warranty conditions apply to devices purchased in Germany. If devices are shipped abroad, these conditions apply if we have a representative in that country. Otherwise, the warranty conditions of our respective national agency apply.
Service offers
Even after the warranty period has expired, our customer service department will be happy to provide you with a wide range of services. This includes
We recommend having a manufacturer's inspection carried out every 3 to 5 years, depending on use, in order to maintain the value, functionality and safety of your machine. We offer this service at fixed all-inclusive prices.
Upgrade service
Our machines are constantly being further developed. With our upgrade service, you can upgrade your machine to the latest version. This not only improves functionality, but also helps to maintain the value of your machine.
Repair service
Repairs are carried out professionally and quickly in our workshop. You will receive a service report with every repair.
We will be pleased to inform you about our service offers:
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