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  • Description
NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance record washing machine

Brief description

The NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance is based 100% on the top model NESSIE Vinylmaster which is our bestseller since 10 years. The difference is the new electronic with a coloured display, that guides you through the whole washing process and gives you valuable information in English or German language. 
The NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance combines innovative microfiber with classic brush cleaning. The interactive display of the machine guarantees easy operation. Proven long-life motors and a powerful automatic suction system ensure the best possible washing result.

Two tanks are integrated into the machine: a storage tank for the cleaning fluid and a separate tank for the dirty water. So it is always washed with fresh cleaning solution. Both tanks are monitored electronically.
Unlike a simply constructed machine, the NESSIE Vinylmaster Advance has two separate functional arms for washing and vacuuming. This has many advantages for the user, but above all a better washing result.

Function overview

• One-button operation with interactive color display
• 3 washing programs can be selected (normal, intensive and manual)
• Display of actual used program, washing time in seconds, number of records already washed, etc.
• Monitoring of the fill levels of both tanks
• Combination wash arm with microfiber technology and classic brush
• Electrostatic discharge through grounded central mandrel
• Automatic detergent application via the wash arm in exactly the right amount
• Manual re-dosing possible at any time
• Automatic change of direction of rotation LEFT / RIGHT
• Automatic suction starts and ends automatically when the suction arm is attached
• Mechanical locking of the functional arms
• No clamp, but a massive chromium puck with a label seal
• Housing made of water-resistant, deep black carbon acrylic
• Platter with wipeable and anti-static foam rubber pad
• Extremely quiet extraction thanks to Basotect® sound insulation
• Separate fresh water tank made of PVC for the cleaning liquid
• Dirty water is emptied via a practical drain hose, practically magnetically fixed under the front of the device
• 24 months guarantee with online registration
• Excellent manufacturing quality "Made in Germany"
• CE certification

Scope of delivery

1 x 500 ml NESSIE Vinylin, alcohol-free cleaning fluid for 100 records.
1 x filling funnel for the cleaning liquid
1 x Chromed record weight made of solid aluminum with seal
1 x drain hose with clamp and magnetic fixation
1 x set of replacement microfiber strips
1 x Magic Vinelle microfiber cloth
1 x Allen key
1 x IEC power cord
1 x instruction manual in English language

Technical specifications
Dimensions: W x H x D: 400 x 330 x 235 mm
Weight: approx. 11 kg
Voltage: 115V or 230V / 60 or 50 Hz.
Max. Power consumption in operation: approx. 250 watts
Tank capacity cleaner: approx. 450 ml
Tank capacity dirty water: approx. 625 ml

Quality and design - Made in Germany

The high manufacturing quality of the HANNL and NESSIE plate washing machines and the durability of their components are legendary and appreciated all over the world. There is no manufacturer in Germany who can fall back on extensive experience in building record washing machines.
While well-known, German manufacturers are increasingly turning to cheap MDF enclosures, we remain true to our quality standards. The machines, made of high-quality carbon acrylic, with their chrome-plated machines, which have been thought through to the last detail, are technically and visually unrivaled.

Easy washing

A record washing machine should generally be of a simple and solid construction and offer the user maximum convenience and flexibility. It is easy to lose track of things, especially when many plates are washed one after the other.
The programs that can be selected in a NESSIE or HANNL can be selected depending on the degree of soiling and give the operator information about the washing time, the number of washed records, etc. at any time. This means that washing records is not stressful, but a pleasure that is practically done on the side can.
The user is in no way restricted and can extend the washing time or add detergent at any time. If the customer simply wants to decide everything himself, he selects the "Manual" program.
The electronics and the washing programs were developed by practitioners such as Günter Hannl and Dipl. Ing. Uwe Draabe based on decades of experience and are in use in countless machines around the world.
Highly praised by LP, Stereo, Hifitest etc.
Our bestseller since 10 years.
Technical Data
CE prooved and certificated Yes
dimensions 400 x 330 x 170 mm
weight 9
power supply 115V-230V / 50 Hz oder 60 Hz.
power vacuum 500 W max.
agent tank 450 ml
waste water tank 500 ml
Scope of delivery
Nessie Vinylin cleanining fluid 500 ml
power cord Yes, suitable for your country
owners manual English language
funnel Yes
microfibre cloth with Logo Yes
squirt bottle Magic Vinelle
Nessie Premiumbürste integriert
chromed record weight with seal Ja
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