NESSIE ProPlus+ Masteredition

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  • Description
NESSIE ProPlus+ Masteredition
The record cleaning machine that leaves nothing to be desired!

"Masteredition" is the "comfort version" of the NESSIE ProPlus+. You will love this machine because it turns the (necessary) record washing into a meditative, relaxing pleasure. The machine is therfore equipped with a number of additional functions:

Quickstart function

The "Quickstart" function makes record washing easy: the brush arm is swivelled onto the record and off you go - without having to press any buttons. The same applies if you want to dry the record: As soon as you put the suction arm on, the automated suction process begins. It ends automatically after one revolution. You will love this quick start function, because you no longer need to concentrate, it works intuitively. This is a particular relief if you want to wash several records in succession.

Precise detergent dosage

The detergent is applied in exactly the right amount - not too much and not too little. This can also be done "by hand" but is much more relaxed and, above all, error-free when automated.

LED lighting

The practical, large LED light illuminates the work area perfectly. It can be swivelled and provides a warm, sufficient light. It is powered directly from the machine. Enjoy listening to relaxed music in a darkened room while washing records.

Tank fill level monitoring

I wonder if there is enough detergent left in the tank? You won't have to worry about that either. The NESSIE ProPlus+ Master Edition is equipped with a fill level monitor. You will receive a reminder before the tank is completely empty: The LED on the start button signals: Time to top up.

Intensive wash programme

Have you bought records from a flea market? Or do your records play a campfire sound because they were once played wet? Then the intensive wash programme will help you: 15 minutes of intensive washing during which the liquid is constantly topped up. You can easily do something else during this time. The machine will remind you when the wash is finished with the

acoustic finish signal

A short beep and you know it's time to take off the brush arm and put on the suction arm. If you forget to do this, the liquid on the record could dry out. But don't worry: the NESSIE ProPlus+ Master Edition protects you from this mishap with an additional delayed reminder function. If you forget to use the machine because you've fallen asleep from meditative relaxation, the machine switches itself off after 30 minutes and waits patiently until you're ready again.

So if you appreciate ease of use and want to wash records in a relaxed manner, the "Master Edition" is the best choice for you. It costs a little more than the NESSIE ProPlus+, but is more fun.

A detailed description of all the other functions and features of the "Master Edition" can be found in the article description of the NESSIE ProPlus+. We have only summarised these briefly below:
  • 2 built-in tanks, separate for detergent and soiling liquid
  • Electric dosing system
  • Combination brush with microfibre and classic brush.
  • Extremely quiet suction technology that was already used in the original Nessie, the "Vinylmaster". The same high-quality motors are used and no compromises are made.  
  • The suction power is electronically controlled. The contact pressure on the record is therefore never too high. This is a common problem with supposedly "powerful" machines.
  • Housing made of 8 mm deep black carbon acrylic and platter made of satinised acrylic. Chrome-plated design and functional elements make the machine a real eye-catcher.   
  • Elegant puck made of hard chrome-plated aluminium. It has a rubber lip seal on the underside that protects the label from getting wet during washing. The puck seals without screws or clamps using only its own weight.
  • Dynamic washing thanks to automatic change of direction of rotation.
  • High-quality certified workmanship in Seevetal near Hamburg.  All appliances are tested and certified by us in accordance with the strict test regulations of the EU Machinery Directive.   
  • Protection against electrostatics
  • Wash timer with LED display
  • Basotect sound insulation, an open-pored sound insulation material from BASF AG. This insulates the noise of the turbine to values below 60 dB.  
The best choice for real vinylists
Technical Data
CE prooved and certificated Ja
dimensions 321 x 295 x 230mm
weight 8 kg
power supply 100-230V 50/60 Hz.
power vacuum 250 W geregelt
agent tank 450 ml
waste water tank 650 ml
Scope of delivery
Nessie Vinylin cleanining fluid 500 ml
power cord 1,5 m Kaltgeräte
owners manual deutsch, bebildert
funnel Ja
microfibre cloth with Logo Ja
squirt bottle Electric dosing system
Nessie Premiumbürste Ja
chromed record weight with seal Ja
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