HANNL X2000 Record Cleaning Fluid 1000ml

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HANNL X2000 is a proven special cleaner for use in HANNL record washing machines. It has a high cleaning performance and is compatible with vinyl records and with the washing machine. It has a pleasant, fresh scent.
The cleaner was developed in cooperation with a chemical company in months of work. The product development was constantly monitored analytically and documented with microscope images of the cleaned record grooves. The specially coordinated system of cleaning device and cleaning fluid manages to dissolve the dust and grease contamination deep inside the grooves as well as residues of the pressing, without being aggressive.
The special cleaner HANNL X2000 has a high fat dissolving power with minimal alcohol content. The liquid penetrates deep into the groove and quickly dissolves any adhering contaminants. Vinyl records that have been washed with HANNL X2000 therefore sound open, dynamic and rich in detail. The surface gets shine and appears like new in deep black color.
Special ingredients work against fungus and germ multiplication, so that this cleaner is also particularly well suited for older records.
The cleaner can also be used in other record cleaning machines operating on the same principle (e.g., Nessie, VPI, Loricraft, Okki Nokki, Clearaudio, Project).
HANNL X2000 is supplied in 1 liter bottles and is ready to use. The product can be stored cool and dark for at least 12 months.
HANNL X2000 is not a hazardous substance. The usual caution, as it is required when dealing with household cleaners, must also be observed for HANNL X2000. In particular, children should be kept away from the product.

The deep cleaning fluid from HANNL